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Our Picks of “How Soon Is Now” – Backbone’s 2018 Festival

Adam takes a deep dive in the program of Backbone’s annual long festival of arts, “How Soon Is Now” and picks out of the must see show’s of the bunch.

This year, the festival is titled “How Soon is Now” and is pitched as “a rebellion .. against cold and passive interactions … a festival full of unforgettable moments. The dirty, messy, sweaty, intimate and sublime.”  The Festival runs for the whole month of October, and is full of a whole lot of goodness you must see. If you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to highlight a few must sees in the program.

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Adam’s Pick of the Bunch – #BrisFest2018

Adam is a self-confessed Bris-Fest tragic. He picks out seven unmisseable shows for this years international arts fair that is the Brisbane Festival.

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeeaaaaarrrrr! And what time is that you ask? BrisFest time. It’s spring, the weather’s warming up and Brisbane is saturated with all the arty goodness one could hope for. For three weeks. And they have discounted tickets. Bris Fest!

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Celia White gets to grip with making dynamic feminist work in a post-#metoo world

“So that idea has been knocking at the back of my head for quite some time. That idea of how women take up space, what [they] think about when they’re alone, when they’re private. Sometimes those private spaces are safe, but sometimes they’re dangerous and isolating. So, what happens when you take women outside those spaces and bring them together? They kind of make noise, take up space differently. But, how confident are we to be in public and raise our voices?”

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