Once upon a time in a cultural wasteland…

Get ready to have your expectations jacked sky-high. We’ve been brewing on this project for a while and we are about to start chowing down on the most toothsome degustation of Brisbane arts. Good, bad, ugly, loaded with double entendres, stripped to the very atoms of creation, the venues you’ve never hear of, the bars you want the address for.

Coco Jade and Ads J go deep under the covers and reveal the fermenting cacophony of heaving life forms in the brissie alt-arts petri dish. They get by with a little help from their friends. Tune in here for hot tips on whats happening this month, fab reviews of what you missed last month, and behind the scenes tidbits to whet your appetite for all things qld. Go forth and consume art in the deepnorth.

Nadia Jade is a Brisbane creative who doesn’t have enough time to attend all the fabulous happenings in this town. She is also one half of the fringe arts production company Moment of Inertia.

She basically wrote everything on this site up until November 2017 when she was overwhelmed by invites and had to bring in reinforcements…..

Ads J is a producing powerhouse and can be found holding the fort together for collectives across Brisbane, not least of which is Moment of Inertia. He can also balance multiple humans on his shoulders at once, so you are also likely to see him take to the stage sometime in the not too distant future.



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