Once upon a time in a cultural wasteland…

Get ready to have your expectations jacked sky-high. We’ve been brewing this project for a while and we are  chowing down on the most toothsome degustation of Brisbane arts. Good, bad, ugly, loaded with double entendres, stripped to the very atoms of creation, the venues you’ve never heard of, the bars you want the address for.

We want to provide a vibrant, verdant space for critical response to flourish. Arts criticism sits in a unique space. Not only can it promote an event, it provides a necessary part of the feedback loop between creatives and audiences. Critical response when done with authenticity and honour, can provide an artist with a textured mirror through which they can assess the effectiveness of their message, and understand how their art has filtered through to an audience. Arts criticism can be a blessing and a curse but no art exists in a vacuum and so, here we are. For more details see our Manifesto.

Team NEHIB go deep under the covers and reveal the fermenting cacophony of heaving life forms in the brissie alt-arts petri dish. They get by with a little help from their friends. Tune in here for hot tips on whats happening this month, fab reviews of what you missed last month, and behind the scenes tidbits to whet your appetite for all things qld. Go forth and consume art in the deepnorth.

Meet the team

Nadia Jade is a Brisbane-based creative and entrepreneur with a bent for a well-turned phrase and an unerring sense of the zeitgeist. She watches a disproportionate amount of live performance and can usually be found slouching around the various circus warehouses of Brisneyland.

Adjs J is a producing powerhouse and can be found holding the fort together for collectives across Brisbane, not least of which is Moment of Inertia. He can also balance multiple humans on his shoulders at once, so you are also likely to see him take to the stage sometime in the not too distant future. While Adam’s first  artistic love is circus, he will happily share his love of live performance with theatre, drag, dance, cabaret and everything in between.
MJ O’Neill is a musician, performance-maker, communications strategist and critic. She’s been contributing to Brisbane’s creative community in a variety of capacities for over ten years. She struggles not to end a bio with a joke but she thinks she’s really got a shot with this one.   

From a young age, Virag Dombay has been engulfed in the world of theatre and performance. She currently works at Brisbane Arts Theatre as both a director, acting teacher and youth performing arts workshops coordinator, as well as being a self-employed theatre maker. She has received a number of awards for her original works as both a director, actor and playwright at a number of festivals throughout South East Queensland.

Australian violinist Flora Wong is a musician, educator and curator who is drawn to the intersections between different disciplines of artistic practice. Based in Brisbane, Australia (Turrbal/Jagera land), she is a member of new music septet Nonsemble and founder of Hidden Dome, an event series that celebrates and advocates for diverse voices in the arts.

Kelsey A isn’t a mover or shaker, but she is an avid art-maker. She struggles to settle down and has dabbled wide in circus, poetry, producing, gin appreciation and (shudder) academia. She believes art is about speaking to the soul; everything else is wrapping paper.

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