Statum | Flipside Circus and Counterpilot

Statum is a smashing show, a dynamic collaboration between Flipside Circus and Nathan Sibthorpe (Counterpilot). Setting the standard for high-quality productions from youth ensembles, Flipside have created a fun hour of high-energy stunts, fusing technology and circus tricks in a range of visually interesting scenes.

The use of interactive projections and clever light-bending tech infuses a sense of drama into otherwise simple scenes. An unseen narrator talks us through the tricks and scenes as they unfurl, creating a feeling that we are voyeurs into a futuristic laboratory. It allows the young performers to showcase their talents, humour and personality alongside their impressive acrobatic skills.

Not just a show for kids to watch, this show is interesting in and of itself. Much like community circus, youth arts is often handed ‘well done for trying’ tokenistic platitudes, or programmed in the childrne’s entertainment, as if kids can only make art for other youth.

Flipside is dispelling that entirely, with a clever show that keeps our attention firmly focused on the stage. With fancy strap on monitors, they use the biometric readings of the performers to firmly situate its audience in the present moment. The use of heart rate monitors and g-force readers show us that the skills of the young cast are creating strong forces within and without their bodies – a nice reminder of the complexity of the skills presented, which we often forget when we see high level tricks performed with ease.

The show doesn’t pretend to be more that it is – the fusion of tech and troupe is fast and fun, and the touch of reverence for this crazy complex modern world gives it a satisfying heft.

Nadia Jade saw Statum at the Brisbane Powerhouse on 18 October 2019.

Director / video co-design / creator |Nathan Sibthorpe
Director / dramaturg / creator |Robert Kronk
Performers / creators | Flipside Circus performance troupe – Mia Hughes, Tula Homes, Zebedee Davies, Eden Vann, Oscar Morris, Indra Garvey,
Samantha Giles, Cassidy Burke, Lucy Hunterland, Aurora Bennett-Godde.
Production manager / video co-design | Jeremy Gordon
Main trainer/creator | Aliya Abisheva
Lighting design | Christine Felmingham
Audio / sound design | Mike Willmett
Design consultant | Sarah Winter
Set construction | John Felmingham
Software design | Clinton Freeman
Associate artists / design | Kelsey Booth

Production partner | PQI Audio Visual

Performance Photos | Creative Futures Photograpy

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