#FirstWorldWhiteGirls | Spirit Animal

#FirstWorldWhiteGirls figuratively burnt the house down at the Brisbane Powerhouse’s Comedy festival tonight. It’s infectious, funny and all too real. I never thought that a show built on the framework of making people laugh could have such a powerful social-commentary on what it means to be a human in the twenty-first century.

Under Lewis Jones’s direction, Judy Hainsworth (also the writer) and Kyra Thompson were wonderfully outrageous as their self-aware, white privileged, stereotypical Instagram queen selves. From singing songs about sharing dick picks, finding your spirit animal and to crying over a traumatic break-up with Prince Harry, the show manages the perfect combination of charm, wit and humour.

What I loved the most was the believability of the characters on stage. Their first world problems were legit. Every audience member related to something or might have someone close to them who had experienced any of the “problems” experienced by these two best friends, whether we liked it or not. And overall, I think that’s what made the work stand out to other comedy acts that I’ve seen and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the chief reasons as to why the company have been invited to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, as well as various other stops around Australia.

This show is for everyone… Well, unless you’re Geoffrey Rush, Craig McLaughlin or Megan Markle. Why you ask? I guess you’ll just have to see it.

Virag Domaby saw #FirstWorldWhiteGirls at Brisbane Powerhouse on Friday 24th March 2019 as part of the Brisbane Comedy Festival.

Director | Lewis Jones

Performers | Judy Hainsworth and Kyra Thompson

Written by Judy Hainsworth

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