Resting Bitch Face – Common Thread Circus

Who says feminism can’t be funny?

In Resting Bitching Face (RBF), the four multi-talented circus and physical theatre performers of Common Thread Circus aim to tear down and tear apart stereotypes and archetypes of modern life, particularly those faced by women, while doing it all with a tongue firmly planted in cheek. Forget the trad circus of yester-year where the women were given few roles apart being elegant and pretty flyers and contortionists, RBF is a fine example of modern Australian circus, that entertains, as well as critiques, and shows that men are not required to make some damn fine circus.

The tone is set for the sold-out audience at the Brisbane Powerhouse with a warning to watch out for nipples and to put on their best resting bitch face. The four performers enter, battling with paperwork and each other, each looking for an escape from the 9 to 5. They smash into, through and around each other and quickly showcase a strong chemistry and a wide range of skills, climbing over each other and flipping, ducking and diving across the stage. While a few nerves are apparent amongst the group, their joy and energy is infectious and the audience is quickly sucked into their world.

A strong theme throughout is the escape from the drudgery of office life and the roles society gives us, and a calling to embrace our creative instincts what makes us weird and unique. Throughout the show, each member of the collective brings something different to the mix to explore this, battling office life, biological clocks, gender stereotypes, body image and the ever present barrage of dick pics many of us face online. Maite Miramontes flips, spins and dodges flying papers with a surprising lightness in an attempt to escape the administrivia. Madeleine Grant literally wrestles with herself, her makeup, and a range of office items matched with superb deadpan skills. Shannon Berry Bam sheds off the femme fatale and shows us the power and strength of riot grrl on tissue much to the delight of the crowd. And Eliza Dolly gleefully embraces all that is messy with lyra and hoops, both acts big highlights with the audience. The acts are all matched with a pitch-perfect tune to further highlight their theme and had the audience tapping their toes and singing along throughout.

By the end of the show, the crowd is left wanting more and there was not a resting bitch face in the house. The hoots, applause and standing ovation from the audience give Common Thread Circus a perfect welcome to the Brisbane scene and shows that punters in Brisbane are ready and willing to get behind new local artists if they’re given the platform they deserve. It’s awesome to see the growth of the Wonderland Festival as a space for up and coming creatives like Common Thread Circus to gain new audiences. From what we’ve seen tonight, I’m sure this we’ll be seeing a lot more of these four talented performers.

Adam Wood


Resting Bitch Face is the first full length show created by Common Thread Circus, who met through the Vulcana circus school. It played at the Wonderland Festival at the Brisbane Powerhouse on 1-2 December 2017.

Cast & Creatives | Maite Miramontes, Eliza Dolly, Madeleine Grant, Shannon Berry Bam



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